Sunday, March 16, 2008

UFO Psychology

The study of UFO claims over the years has led to valuable discoveries about atmospheric phenomena and psychology. In psychology, the study of UFO sightings has revealed information on misinterpretation, perceptual illusions, hallucination and fantasy-prone personality. Many have questioned the reliability of hypnosis in UFO abduction cases.

Psychologists point out that almost all UFO-related claims are based solely on eyewitness and anecdotal evidence, which is extremely unreliable. It has further been shown that memory of an event can be unconsciously altered to suit a desired interpretation of what was remembered. (For example, a person who has a supposed UFO sighting may simply be reinterpreting an older memory to fit a desired explanation. Many skeptics believe this is to be the case with the Roswell incident and many other UFO claims.(Taken

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