Friday, March 28, 2008

Strange mermaid found on Malaysian Island

These image have been circulating vie email, forums and blogs since 2006. They supposedly show a strange mermaid-like creature found washed ashore. This variant claims that the mermaid was found on a Malaysian island. Alternative versions of the message relocate the discovery to other parts of the world. Yet another version of the message claims that the creature is actually of extraterrestrial origin:

An alien was found by a fishermen in Teluk Pahang. Newspapers aren't allowed to publish it. Some maybe seen it before. I don't know the percentage of original. Don't ask me what happen to the alien or where is the alien now either. I'm curious to know it as well.

Not surprisingly, however, the mermaid is not a real, flesh and blood creature, but instead a sculpture by talented artist, Juan Cabana. A series of photographs of the mermaid can be found on the artist's website along with an entire menagerie of the strange and wonderful creations. (Taken from:

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