Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Universe Was Invented From Nothing

Materialism is a one thinking system that assumed an object or thing as a static existence and denied other existences. Originated from the ancient Greek and obtained enhancement in public society acceptance, particularly during 19th century, it became famous with materialism understanding dialectic (based on discussion and debate) brought by Karl Marx, this thinking system alleged an object or thing existed since the beginning and will be existed forever. Because he defended an object or thing was not invented, he did not accept the existence of creator.

Just like we told before, materialism understanding became popular especially during 19th century. One of the main reason is "Static Universe" model was invented to answer the circumstance of "how the universe was created". This model answered the circumstance by stating a fact that the universe was not invented, but it existed since the beginning and will be existed forever. The universe was accepted as a collection of objects that stable, fixed and never change and this understanding has promoted the universe as if we do not need to believe in the Creator.

An opposite confirmation with the universe model, which was a contrivance that the universe has a beginning and it can definitely change, could not be doubtful again, proved the existence of a creator. In his book "Principles Fondamentaux de Philosophic", Georges Politzer, a famous materialism philosopher has accepted this fact in his denial to creation based on the model "boundless universe":

The universe was not created. If it was created, it has to be created instantly by God and manifested from nothing. To confess creation, a person must make a confession first, an existence when the universe does not exist, and something has exists from nothing. This cannot be accepted by science.

At the end of a term which began on the second day of 20th century, modern science has proved a fact that accepted by a group of materialists when they said: "If that was the fact, we have to agree on the existence of a Creator", which, the universe has a beginning. This fact has been spread through a few levels.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Just Wanna Say Sorry

First of all, I need to say sorry if my post is out of topic. Two days ago, my grandmother has passed away and actually I'm devastated because last October I lost my uncle and then my grandmother. I feel a little bit disappointed because during her life, I didn't spend much time to be with her, I'm busy with works and stuff until I forgot that she needed someone to be with her. She's devastated after she lost her favorite son (my uncle) and now I lost her. Even though I'm not her only grandchildren but I'm quite closed to her. My life was really messed up and chaos before that, and then I lost both of them. Sometimes I'm tired of playing God's games, it's not that I blamed God for everything. But why, every bad things happened to me all the time. Honestly, I never smile & happy until now. Even if I smile, it's not a sincere smile. Right in my head, a lot of problems going on. I used to be a happy man, happy with my life but not until few years ago when I'm not happy with my life. I eat a lot, not enough sleep, turned out to be a silent person, tired face and I like to be alone. I have a poor family and I'm not really close with my brothers and sisters except my mother. It's all because of my life doesn't seem right. At first, I think positive and I was just like move on with my life but bad things keep happening to me. I really hope and pray that all these bad things can be erased from life instantly. I'm really tired of this..

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