Friday, March 28, 2008

Feejee fake mermaid

A replica where they assumed to be "the real mermaid" and I definitely disagree with that because it turned out to be the dried husk of a orangutan's torso and baboon head sewn to a salmon's tail. Dr.griffin was in fact a long-time friend of Barnum's, whose actual name was levi lyman. But that didn't stop people from wanting to see the real mermaid (even after it became public knowledge that it was a fake). Why people continue to be fascinated by the feejee mermaid over a century after it was proven & revealed as a hoax? For me, I do believe in legendary mermaid and maybe it exists long time ago but with those kind of pictures (fake mermaids), its hard for me to believe it because I think they should show more real pictures of mermaid and I guess many people out there do believe in these legendary creatures but they need scientists to do research on this matter seriously.

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