Friday, February 19, 2010

Time Traveling

In my previous posts, I've explained about this topic and about a guy who claimed he was from the future (John Titor) and it's actually a lie. Well, when comes to logic thinking, is it really possible for a person to travel back to the past? I heard there's a scientist that claimed traveling back to the past is not impossible and they might working on it. I'm not into science or whatever that needs theory to make it logic but recently, I read a book regarding time relativity and the author did mentioned that time machine is not exist, it's just a myth that scientists created that make it looks possible. As you can see, people created time but the thing is, they thought time is like a video player when you can forward and reverse. In our planet that we lived, it's different because time might not exist. I will explain more about this in my future post.

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