Saturday, February 6, 2010

How Time Goes So Fast

Recently, I met my old friends and we went out together. It's been a while since we were busy with our works and responsibilities. I was very happy to meet them because that's the only chance that we had and we enjoyed our gathering with fun and laughter. Then, we talked about what we do for a living and anything. It's like we haven't met for 20 years but it's still fun. A lot of changes that I've seen on each of them. During our conservation, there's one thing that bear in my mind and when I think about it, it makes me smile. When we talked about our past, we appreciated everything that we had, I mean like your parents bought you a PS1 and you were so happy about it. Something like that and then we compared with kids nowadays, it's really different. Not to say that kids nowadays are not good enough but it's just that how kids during my time knew how to think and use things wisely. Sometimes, I feel like how time ages so fast and but still I am happy about it.

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