Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weirdest Moon

Last week I hanged out with my friends until late. I don't know why by that time I felt really weird during the whole day, like something was wrong. I was really sleepy after I hanged out with my friends and my friend drove all the way back home with sleepy eyes. Suddenly, I just starred at the sky and I was like "OMG", I saw the biggest moon in my entire life. I kept on looking the moon and it's really bright and big from it's normal sizes. Was it me or there's something wrong with the moon? Maybe it was me, but it is for real. If you never see the thing that happens all in a sudden in your life, you would say "It's just happened". I just keep silence and never tell my friend but after that then I told my friend...Sometimes you have to appreciate something that is in front of your eyes.

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RoaKyle said...

Okay, I think I saw the Moon that night too. And I texted my friends telling them bout it but they told me it was nothing. But I was so scared I couldnt sleep the whole night.

fenshim said...

Really? You know after I went home I also couldn't sleep because I keep thinking about that moon and what's the relation with our planet.

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