Thursday, June 5, 2008

Planet-X: New Calculations Proof It's Really There!!

A t the Kobe University in Japan, scientists have calculated that a planet with at least 2/3 Earth's size, making a huge elliptical orbit is going to be discovered within the next 10 years! They came to this conclusion using computer simulations.

However, according to the Sumerian clay tablets planet X or as they called it Nibiru is bigger than Earth and the surface is not frozen but has vegetation and life. The tablets also say a race of humanoid beings life on that planet called the Annunaki, which means: Those who from Heaven to Earth came. It is written in the clay tablets that they came to Earth (which they called the 7th planet because they begin to count from Pluto) 350,000 years ago and crossed their DNA with hominids. They did that by taking an Annunaki egg cell and fertilize it with sperm cells from hominids in test tubes. That combination was injected in an Annunaki womb. Nimmah gave birth to the first human child. She named him: Adamu

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