Thursday, May 29, 2008

Problems with the Technology

The image of the laser pointer's beam being "bent" has the obvious problem that objects around the beam are not bent. For instance, the framing of the window visible in the background should be distorted if there was a large gravity gradient in the area, but it is not. Some have speculated the "beam" is an optical fiber.

Titor claimed that he was sent back to obtain an IBM5100 because it could translate several types of computer code. According to IBM engineer Bob Dubke, Titor's statement regarding the IBM 5100's little known ability to emulate and debug mainframe systems were correct. Supporters state that this information was not publicly available in 2000 or 2001 when Titor made his declaration. Titor himself stated that this feature was "discovered (or at least known after testing)" as late as 2036.

However, this emulation capability was widely known in the industry, and commented on in depth in numerous publications, both about the 5100 and programmable microcode in general. References to this fact were also available on the Internet as early as 1999, predating Titor's posts. This is fairly obscure bit of trivia, however, which suggests whoever was making the posts was familiar with the machine, or had an interest in retrocomputing.

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