Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mothman Analysis

There are several theories concerning the Mothman phenomenon.

A large collection of first-hand material about the Mothman is found in John Keel's 1975 book The Mothman Prophecies, in which Keel lays out the chronology of the Mothman and what he claims to be related parapsychological events in the area, including UFO activity, Men in Black encounters, poltergeist activity, Bigfoot and black panther sightings, animal and human mutilations, precognitions by witnesses, and the December 15, 1967 collapse of the Silver Bridge spanning the Ohio River.

Keel's first book was the basis of a 2002 film, The Mothman Prophecies, starring Richard Gere, Laura Linney, Debra Messing and Will Patton, directed by Mark Pellington. A companion book called the The Eighth Tower, also released in 1975, was derived from material edited from The Mothman Prophecies by the publishers.

In conjunction with Sony/Screen Gems, cryptozoologist Loren Coleman claims to have served as one of the movie's publicity spokespersons, discussing his interpretation of the Mothman events in Mothman and Other Curious Encounters. Coleman created and hyped something called the "Mothman Curse", whereby researchers would be targeted for death adding more to the list in April 2007. Coleman's writings claim that early eyewitnesses never described a "moth" but a large bird. However, the only withness to date who still claims this description seems to be Tom Ury. Witnesses such as Faye DeWitt, Marcella Benett, and Linda Scarberry have repeatedly stated on national TV that the Mothman was half human.

Andy Colvin, a photographer and documentary filmmaker who claims to have seen the Mothman, has produced to books and a reality series on Mothman called The Mothman's Photographer, featuring John Keel and almost 50 witnesses. Colvin's sister took a snapshot of him in 1973 that allegedly shows a Garuda in the background. After researching various forms of Buddhism and certain Native tribes, Colvin's series proposes that both the Garuda of the Far East and the Thunderbird of the Native Americans are synonymous with Mothman, and that Mothman may be an archetypal "guardian angel" who exposes criminal activity at pivotal moments by sending visions, dreams and messages to ordinary humans. The Mothman's Photographer presents evidence that Mound, WV, witnesses separately saw the Mothman, aliens, the Dover Demon, the Virgin Mary, plasma figures, "intelligent", globes of light, and the Flatwoods monster in the same location.

One of the early theories is that the Mothman was a misidentified Sandhill Crane, which, in th elate 1960s had been a problem in surrounding regions. Sandhill Cranes can reach a height of 6 feet, achieve wingspans of 10 feet, have the general appearance described, glide for long distances without flapping and have an unusual shriek. Other recent theories suggest the possibility of the Mothman being a barn owl, an albino owl or perhaps a large Snowy Owl (based on artist's impressions of the mysterious, flying animal). Skeptics suggest that the Mothman's glowing eyes are actually red-eye caused from the reflection of light, from flashlights or other light sources that witnesses may have had with them.

The word "Mothman" was an invention by an Ohio newspaper copyeditor, after the first news stories of the "Big Bird" sightings appeared. (Taken from: wikipedia.org)

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